African Safari In 3 Days – The Best Tour Operators For Your Trip

Africa is one of the most resource-rich continents in the world. The region has an abundance of natural resources, fertile land, and a largely untapped labour pool.

Africa is also home to hundreds of languages spoken by more than 2000 ethnic groups.

Africa’s diverse culture offers many opportunities for tourism which can be developed into a key industry that would further stimulate economic growth.

Africa faces challenges that are often overlooked or underestimated by the international community:

-The continent is stuck in poverty and inequality with nearly two-thirds of its population living on less than $2 a day and less than 5% making $20 a day or more

-Instability and conflict has led to frequent humanitarian crises throughout the region

-Refugees fleeing conflict zones such as Syria

Africa is a continent with 54 sovereign countries. Africa has a population of close to 1 billion people with the majority of them living in rural areas, and more than 25% under the age of 15.

The African continent has many natural resources that are still untapped. The natural resources include oil, gas, silver, gold, iron ore, copper and uranium. This makes Africa one of the most desired places for international trade partners to partner with African nations on resource extraction.

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